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Shortlisted for the Fortnum & Mason 2022 Book Awards

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Colorful Food

About the book

  1. Focus on and explain what truly matters: The book that has one clear thesis on the three important factors for increasing healthy longevity by decades and supported by the latest science.  Everything else can be safely ignored. The book makes the topic accessible to the widest audience.

  2. The three factors are so powerful because they are synergistic: Fiber-to-sugar ratio (rather than sugar/sweetener, fat, carbs, or protein), physical activity and motivation/sleep each can contribute to years of additional healthy life and are synergistic. 

  3. Past and current solutions do not work: The diet industry and government policies have approached healthy longevity and obesity in the wrong way by pushing myopic incentives and the requirement for individuals to change their lifestyle leading to zero impact at the societal level.

  4. The book develops a simple economical solution that works for everyone: A novel framework that does not require changing lifestyle, costly interventions, or unaffordable methods. This has significant implications for individuals, health systems, and policymakers

  5. Pragmatic empowering solutions that are not commercial:  Hands-on ideas for applying each factor within a person’s lifestyle. Simple ideas that are engineered to be implementable by the individual.

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This is how everything interlinks:

Fiber, physical activity, and fun create a virtuous cycle that encompasses every major system in our bodies.

The result is that we move from a disease repair mindset to a pre-emptive health promotion model.

If you're looking for a holistic view of health, no need to sign up to eastern or western medicine.  The major lifting is done by putting your own body (and mind) in the right place.

The book and the blog focus on what matters to your health and ignore things that are marginal.  I hope it helps you see the most majestic trees in the forest and not get bogged down in the tall grass of irrelevant health facts that bombard you every day.

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My promise

Following a simple set of principles will allow you to continue enjoying your favorite foods while powerfully boosting your health and helping your body manage your weight.

You will learn how to easily add fiber to your diet and to the diet of your loved ones.

Fiber-up now and save yourself from medicine later.


My promise

You have surely heard by now that physical activity is an essential ingredient of a long and healthy life.  The more the merrier.

Many, unfortunately, have a hard time committing to these valuable exercise regimes over the long run.  Many also confuse this with going to the gym, jogging, or other more committed sports. The reality is, fortunately, rosier than one might think. 

Here and in the book, you will learn tools that get you 80% of the way so that you can gain much of the benefits with manageable effort that can easily fit into your lifestyle.


My promise

This segment is, from a scientific perspective, still in its infancy.  Therefore with the exception of the science of sleep, which I will delve into, there is much confusion on what really works and what does not. 

For example, mindfulness and meditation have become the mantra of our times.  While it may help people relax, and reduce anxiety in the short-term, the evidence for its long-term efficacy is not yet established.  

There are however ways that can pragmatically help you self-develop.  First and foremost is the key ingredient: getting enough sleep.  This alone can prolong your life significantly.  You will learn simple tools to help you get more of this increasingly rare treasure.

Once you have mastered your sleep health, I will suggest a few venues (speculative) that may be worth exploring.

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Potential bias and conflict of interest

Everyone has their bias​es.  It is important that you understand my biases and interests that may conflict with my judgment.

Obviously, I have tried my utmost to be as fact-based as possible, but we all color our views with underlying assumptions and I want to share with you some of my assumptions that I am aware of and any conflicts of interest that may bias my views.

First and foremost, I have written a book that has a commercial dimension.  This blog was created to support the book with new insight and as a compendium.  I am not dependent on any revenues from the book.

Secondly, I reject any type of beliefs that are not supported by solid facts.  Even those that are supported by solid facts must continue to be open to challenge.  This is why you find very few things in this blog and in the book that are speculative and I have highlighted them to make sure you are aware of the quality of the argument.  This obviously limits the type of evidence that I use, but I believe that if I open the floodgates to low evidence stuff, that I end up in the same place that many other people and media end up in: Lots of hype and clickbait statements but very weak on the evidence.  On the evidence presented:

  1. The evidence for the benefits of fiber is vast and anyone disagreeing with my conclusions must provide counter-evidence of high quality.  Homeopathy has been conclusively disproven and anyone desiring to prove its efficacy has a steep uphill battle. (of course, you are free to believe in anything you want, but don't pretend it is based on facts). 

  2. The evidence for the benefits of physical activity is vast and anyone disagreeing with my conclusions must provide counter-evidence of high quality.  The earth is a sphere and flat earthers' assertions in light of the evidence to the contrary are silly, but walking to the ends of the earth will at least prolong their lives.

  3. The evidence for Fun & Flow is speculative.  This is not because there are not many studies supporting some of the ideas that I present, but because its focus is the brain and our psychology (motivation, emotions, the self), and both are not yet sufficiently understood at a fundamental level.  Of these, the impact of sleep on our health is the best understood and that is why I have given it prominence.  My psychological ideas are significantly influenced by Peter Schellenbaum (Swiss humanist psychologist, with whom I have studied) and Eugene Gendlin (who created the Focusing methodology).  I do apply a self-development approach with my clients that is based on some of their thinking.  My views are based on the success of this work, but undeniably also biased by it.

Thirdly, I am a founder and shareholder in Zendegii Ltd. and FUUD AB (Frill Holding AB).  Companies involved with creating healthy consumer products and innovative health solutions.  None of the activities of these companies depends on any big food or ingredient business.  No business, organization, or individual has tried to influence what I say in the book or on this blog either directly or through the companies or any other business activity that I am involved in. 

Finally, if I ever promote an idea, product, etc, I will do so because I have studied it in detail and as a result have sufficient evidence for its value.  I will never accept payment for promoting anything (or accept a mutually beneficial promotion).



The simple truth that will give you years of healthy life

The idea is to die young as late as possible.  - Ashley Montagu

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