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Alien 1979 Directors Cut 1080p Video |TOP|

Alien 1979 Directors Cut: A Masterpiece of Horror and Science Fiction

Alien is one of the most beloved movies of all time, a sci-fi/horror classic that keeps audiences on their toes for all 117 minutes of the theatrical cut. But did you know that there is a director's cut version with some differences from the original release?

Alien 1979 Directors Cut 1080p Video

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In this article, we will explore the changes made by Ridley Scott in his 2003 director's cut of Alien, and why you need to see it in full HD quality.

What is Alien 1979 Directors Cut?

Alien 1979 Directors Cut is an alternate version of the original film that was released in 2003 as part of the Alien Quadrilogy DVD box set. Scott was approached by 20th Century Fox with the opportunity to restore and remaster his masterpiece, and he decided to make some edits along the way.

Scott felt that adding in all the deleted scenes for the director's cut would make the film too bloated and ruin the pacing, so he went back and actually removed parts of the theatrical release to make some room for the new shots. In the end, the director's cut runs about a minute shorter than the theatrical version.

The director's cut remains fairly similar to the theatrical version, but certain differences have made it viewers' preferred watching experience for the sci-fi/horror film.

What are the differences between Alien 1979 Directors Cut and Theatrical Version?

Most of the changes in Alien 1979 Directors Cut are slight variations of existing sequences from the theatrical version, such as shortening some long tracking shots, adding some dialogue, or changing some camera angles. However, there are two significant scenes that are different in the director's cut:

  • The first one is when Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) discovers Dallas (Tom Skerritt) and Brett (Harry Dean Stanton) cocooned by the alien in the Nostromo's lower levels. This scene was originally cut for pacing reasons, but Scott restored it to show the fate of Ripley's crewmates and to foreshadow her encounter with the alien queen in Aliens.

  • The second one is when Ripley activates the self-destruct sequence of the Nostromo and tries to escape with Jonesy (the cat). In the theatrical version, she simply runs to the shuttle and blasts off. In the director's cut, she encounters the alien blocking her way and has to go back to deactivate the self-destruct sequence, only to find out that it's too late. This adds more suspense and tension to Ripley's escape.

These two scenes are considered by many fans to be essential for Alien 1979 Directors Cut, as they enhance the horror and science fiction elements of the film.

Why you need to see Alien 1979 Directors Cut in 1080p Video?

Alien 1979 Directors Cut is not only a different version of the film, but also a visually stunning one. Scott and his team digitally restored and remastered Alien 1979 Directors Cut using modern technology, enhancing its colors, contrast, and details.

Alien 1979 Directors Cut in 1080p video offers a crisp and clear picture that showcases Scott's brilliant cinematography and production design. You can appreciate every detail of the Nostromo's interior, every drop of blood and slime from the alien, and every expression on Ripley's face.

Alien 1979 Directors Cut in 1080p video also preserves Scott's original vision for the film, as he supervised and approved every aspect of the restoration process. You can see Alien 1979 Directors Cut as Scott intended it to be seen, without any interference from studio executives or censorship boards.



Alien 1979 Directors Cut is a masterpiece of horror and science fiction that deserves to be seen in 1080p video. It offers a different and improved version of the original film, with more suspense, horror, and character development. It also showcases Ridley Scott's artistic vision and technical skills, as he restored and remastered his film with modern technology.

If you are a fan of Alien, or if you want to experience one of the best sci-fi/horror films ever made, you should watch Alien 1979 Directors Cut in 1080p video. You will not regret it.

How to watch Alien 1979 Directors Cut in 1080p video?