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The Holy Innocents Book 49 ##BEST##

Preface III of the Nativity of the Lord: It is truly right and just, our duty and our salvation,always and everywhere to give you thanks,Lord, holy Father, almighty and eternal God.For through him the holy exchange that restores our lifehas shone forth today in splendor:when our frailty is assumed by your Wordnot only does human mortality receive unending honornot by this wondrous union we, too, are made eternal.And so, in company with the choirs of angels, we praise you, and with joy we proclaim: Communion Antiphon, Cf. Rev 14:4: Behold those redeemed as the first fruits of the human race for God and the Lamb, and who follow the Lamb whereever he goes.

the holy innocents book 49


126. See Jesus as happy, overflowing with joy. Rejoice with him as with a friend who has triumphed. They killed him, the holy one, the just one, the innocent one, but he triumphed in the end. Evil does not have the last word. Nor will it have the last word in your life, for you have a friend who loves you and wants to triumph in you. Your Saviour lives.

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Over the last several years, Thunderbolt has been resurrected and is once again leading the crusade against the Hulk. His popularity has led to his inclusion in both Hulk films and he is currently involved (somehow) in the Red Hulk case in monthly comic books.

Thanks to X2's hype and success, Stryker has played a major part in modern X-Men comics, where he's proved to be just as dedicated to his cause as ever, targeting every last mutant on Earth as his "holy crusade" continues.

Pathos is a key ingredient in any great villain, and Freeze has tons of it. This man dedicated his life's work to curing his cryogenically-frozen wife's cancer, and just happened to fall victim to one of those unfortunate accidents that seems to always befall comic book characters. Who can't relate to that?

Writer Garth Ennis created one of the most colorful comic book villains of all time when he conjured up Herr Starr, foe of Preacher protagonist Jesse Custer. A former German special forces solider, Starr is recruited by the Grail and tasked with recovering Custer - but he has plans of his own. He intends to use Custer in his own scheme to overthrow the leadership of the Grail.

Some comic book villains are motivated by greed, or the need for revenge, or pure and simple insanity. The Riddler is a little different - you might say he embarked on a career in crime for the fun of it, at least in a very specific way. Obsessed with puzzles, mind-games, and elaborate death traps, he's compelled to commit crimes that involve some form of complex mental challenge. (What compels him to dress in bright green, though, is anybody's guess.)

Still, thanks to the old "madder the Hulk gets, the stronger the Hulk gets" rule, Abomination was on the losing side of most fights. But in recent years, his approach became more psychological and cunning. In one of the more direct and scarring attacks a comic book arch enemy has achieved in comics, Abomination killed Bruce Banner's wife, Betty - and framed Bruce in the process. While Bruce's innocence would eventually be revealed, Abomination's actions would have longtime repercussions.

Besides moonlighting as a Marvel villain, Mephisto is also the ruler of Hell and the comic book version of Satan. Spooky. He can shape shift, change time and has superhuman strength. You can try to kill him, but he will regenerate, so don't waste your time. His strongest ability though is his power of manipulation.

Whatever your thoughts on his new look (the goggles and such), there is no denying that Zod's offensive upon Metropolis and its hero was one for the books. It gave Superman something to do other than, well, whatever it is he does when not engaging in yellow-sun fueled CQC with Zod, Ursa and Non. Zod even used his own son as a pawn in his campaign to turn Earth into New Krypton - we're not even sure Stampy could pull that one off.

Luthor, Zod and Bizarro are what it boils down to when trying to figure out a serious triple threat for Superman, and Zod's contribution is one that seems on target to receive its due. Zod's arc in the "New Krypton" books continues where "Last Son" left off, furthering the notion that this Zod is welcomed thorn in Superman's side. Kneel before Zod, indeed.

Superhero books are often about exploring alter egos, and it doesn't get much more direct in that regard for Spider-Man than when he faces Venom. Spider-Man's dark, violent and murderous counterpart, Venom came to be when Eddie Brock, a reporter with a vendetta against Spider-Man, found the alien symbiote costume Spider-Man had picked up during Secret Wars, only to discard it when he discovered its true nature.

Venom's popularity right out of the gate was huge - he was easily the most talked about new Spider-Man villain in years, which went hand in hand with the sensation caused by the evocative work of the incredibly buzzed about young artist who first drew Venom in The Amazing Spider-Man, Todd MacFarlane. The character was so popular that he suffered from over-exposure for a time, popping up so often in Spider-Man books and various mini-series that his impact was diluted. That over-exposure thankfully eventually stopped, and what remains is still one of the most notable and iconic Spider-Man villains ever.

"I did it 35 minutes ago." With that simple line, Ozymandias cemented his place as a comic book villain to remember. The fact that he himself, and perhaps many reading this, would argue he's not even a villain in the first place makes him all the more fascinating. The Smartest Man in the World, Adrian Veidt felt that the normal kind of physical super heroics he'd engaged in for years were not enough to truly change the world. No, he plotted to do something much grander.

Sinestro's interference in the affairs of DC's heroes is about to reach critical mass. Though he is currently on his home planet of Korugar, the Black Lanterns are coming. Sinestro is unlikely to care about the plight of innocents, making his role in the Blackest Night event unpredictable and, in all likelihood, bad for the Guardians and remaining members of the Green Lantern Corps.

The Skull might seem a cliché figure now, but he was one of the original uses of villainous Nazis in comic books. Combine that with his