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Why do I need yet another health blog???

You probably wonder why there is a need for yet another blog on healthy living.

We are overwhelmed with information, attractive images of youthful healthy-looking bodies and the latest fad promising eternal youth. Because these promises do not work and cheat you out of your hard-earned money. This blog is an attempt to cut through the non-sense and help you focus on the essential. It acts as a compendium to the book, which is the only commercial aspect here. No snake oil, no product placement, no influencer economics, no diet plan, click bait,... only facts and a hope that you will find inspiration.

Looking at the scientific evidence holistically, there is overwhelming evidence for three themes that each will add years of healthy life to your lifespan.

Of course avoiding harmful behaviors such as smoking are not part of this blog as my focus is on what you can do and not to preach to you about what not to do. So sex, drugs and rock and roll will not be the main focus (sorry).

My focus is only on what can be achieved within a person's lifestyle. I believe that any intervention no matter how valuable, will not be implementable at a societal level if it cannot be incorporated into lifestyles and culture. That only works during or after crises, but is generally not sustainable. Of course if you are a person with an iron will and have the stamina to significantly change things about your life, then wonderful for you. Most of us have a really hard time doing that and this blog is there for those of us, where the pressures of life interfere with our desire for betterment.

So what are we talking about that stands out in the millions of studies around human health?

  1. Fiber. As the blog's title says, adding around 10 additional grams of fiber to your diet can add around 7 years to your life

  2. Physical activity. Adding an hour of physical activity (brisk walking) per week will add 7 years to your life

  3. Fun & Flow. This one is more complex, but sleep has a profound impact on your wellbeing, motivation and yes longevity. 7-8 hrs of sleep during 24 hours will add at least another 7 years to your life

So in total you could add decades of healthy lifetime and it is doable within your lifestyle and without the need to sign up to an expensive elixir, program or guru.

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